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Architecture Architecture photography in this gallery is a synthesis of different Architectural styles and forms (historical, aged, and contemporary) of the vast cultural, domestic and religious heritage of Egypt.


Birds Bird photography is one of the most challenging types of nature photography. Always eager to flee the scene, wild birds are often difficult to approach and they never stay in one place for long. But even in-flight, they create fluid outlines as they glide, effortlessly suspended.

Arabian Horses

Arabian Horses The Arabian horse has captivated mankind for centuries with its beauty, intelligence and stamina. It is regarded as the most influential breed in the world. The Bedouin of the Arabian Desert created the oldest and purest breed of horse in the merciless terrain of their homeland.


Aswan Aswan , Egypt’s sunniest southern city and ancient frontier town located about 81 miles south of Luxor, has a distinctively African atmosphere. Its ancient Egyptian name was Syene. Small enough to walk around and graced with the most beautiful setting on the lucid Nile waters, the pace of life is slow and relaxing.


Cairo Cairo (Arabic: al-Q?hira) is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Arab World. Nicknamed “The City of a Thousand Minarets” for its preponderance of Islamic architecture, Cairo has long been a centre of the region’s political and cultural life. Even before Cairo was established in the tenth century, the land composing the present-day city was the site of national capitals whose remnants remain visible in parts of Old Cairo.


Flora Flower Photography is a combination of colour, form and passion producing artful tableaus of dancing beauty. The radiating beauty of the delicate petals begs the admirer to gaze deeper into the delicate shape and purpose of these small miracles of nature. They certainly do flaunt their undeniable allure.
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